Monday, April 4, 2011

Swim Swim Swim!

Over the weekend we took Norah to my brother and sister in law's apartment for her very first swim!! Now Ryan and I LOVE to swim and really want her to love the water as well so we decided it was best to start super early! So at 5.5 weeks Norah had her first swim. SHE LOVED every minute of it!!!! She didn't cry until it was time to get out of the water and then she wasn't very happy to do that! We couldn't be prouder of her!!!!! My brother and sister in law bought her an amazing life jacket specifically for infants to keep them floating face up and it worked amazingly! Norah was so comfy in it at one point she almost fell asleep floating around because she was comfy! Here is Ryan swimming with Norah. I was soooo happy taking her around the pool!
Can you tell how proud I was!!!!
Ryan teaching Norah to float.

This video just makes me smile sooo much! Norah was such a trooper! She didn't even cry when we put her under the water!! She was just so amazing!

That is what we have been up to lately! We take Norah for walks down by the lake and just have a blast hanging out with her. I do have a plan sometime this week (or next) when she is napping to paint the basement bathroom walls! Hopefully I'll have some progress to report on that front soon!!

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