Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

Last night we went to my parents place for a lovely Easter dinner with the family. Last week I decided I wanted to make Norah another dress but this time have it fit her now so she could wear it for Easter dinner! It turned out even better than the first dress I made (the one with butterflies). How cute does she look in her Easter dress??

Today while Norah took a brief nap Ryan and I went outside to get rid of yet another garden in our backyard. Since we bought our house 3 years ago it seems that every spring we get rid of more gardens! Our backyard had gardens on every edge of the house, along the perimeter of the yard as well as all around the pool! It was just too much for us to handle so the first year we got rid of a few along the one side of the yard. Last year we got rid of more along the house and now there was only this little zoned off section and then the vegetable garden that we use along the other side of our yard. I didn't snap a photo before Ryan started but this small garden was sectioned off with large 4 by 4's and was so overgrown with weeds, vines and this bush thing that we decided it was time to go. Plus since it is right next to where our patio set goes and our gazebo we knew it would give us more space! In the summer we put our mini bar fridge right next to this so we plan on making an outdoor bar here possibly or a bench! Anyway, the big task was getting the root of the bush out! Here it is!

Ryan worked for about 45 minutes attempting to get this stubborn root out!! I was on Norah duty because what we thought was her napping was just her having a mini 20 minute siesta!

When I came back outside Ryan has successfully pulled out the bush and I found this huge and VERY heavy stump in our driveway!

We spread some grass seed and hopefully this zone will become an area where Norah can play in the grass while we are relaxing outside by the pool!!!

The plans for the rest of the weekend are to potentially work on cleaning up and purging stuff from the basement!!! We'll see how that goes!

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