Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LOVE IT TUESDAY - Paint your own fabric

I have been searching for the perfect material for curtains in our 3rd bedroom and I have a colour scheme in mind BUT they don't seem to make a fabric that has those colours in it. (PS I'm being lazy and don't want to repaint the room so I'm trying to tie too many colours together). ANYWAY, I came across an idea on HGTV.ca for stamping napkins and table runners. Check it out here. Instead of making napkins and table runners I could buy white fabric for curtains and just stamp in shapes (or stripes) in the colours that I want using fabric paint. This would be perfect!!!! I even have a large selection of stamps that I could use!!! Now if I only had the time for my million projects I would LOVE to do!!!! Oh well.... eventually it will happen!!!! I promise to show you how it turns out!!

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