Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sign Attempts 1 and 2 - FAIL

A few weeks ago I posted about making your own family antique sign along with the tutorial on how to do it that I had found on Addicted 2 Decorating blog. Well... this weekend I attempted to make a 'The Guerins' sign. After 2 attempts I'm calling this idea a complete FAILURE. I painted the letters green and outlined them in brown with a blue swirly at the bottom. This is the result before sanding it.
I wasn't too pleased with it at this point but was like HEY maybe the sandpaper will work wonders and make it look fantastic! I was even more disappointed when I sanded it down and it turned into this. Its hard to see the difference... its more grainy now but the sanding really didn't do what I thought it would do.

SO after thinking I was just going to throw it out and that I couldn't make it any worse I decided to keep going. I repainted the green and then painted brown over top of the green in hopes that when I sanded it down it would bring the green out underneath the brown. I was VERY wrong in thinking I couldn't make it any worse.... this is the result of painting brown over green... puke browny green colour!!

WELL I decided to see what happens when I sanded it down in hopes that maybe just maybe something magical would happen and it would transform into a BEAUTIFUL sign. Once again I was disappointed... This is the end result of attempt #2! Doesn't it look EVEN WORSE than before!!! It looks like a child played with crayons and poop!! Yes I said it... the colour is soooooo bad!!!! I hate it! I'm not sure if this is any better than that bunny Guerin's sign that is in our basement.... its a toss up....
For now this project is going in the garbage... I do plan on attempting this project again from scratch. Next time my plan is to paint the wood all white, then paint it brown. THEN put the lettering overtop. I think that when you sand down the brown you'll see the white underneath which will bring the antique affect that I was going for. PLUS I won't outline the lettering... I think thats what ruined my first attempt! If I had just painted the letters green it would have been a LOT better! ANYWAY it was a trial and error weekend... I now know what does NOT work!!!

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