Monday, May 24, 2010

Throw Away Garbage in Style

Over the long weekend I was reading my June edition of Canadian House and Home magazine (LOVE IT) and I came across pages 78 to 81 which were all about different types of garbage cans.

Now as I was looking at this page I was like WOW I need to go out and buy a new garbage can for Ryan's office because the one in there was my old garbage can from university... I had a leopard theme going in university.
SO as I was looking at the garbage cans in the magazine I was like these are REALLY NICE.. not something I frequently think when looking at a garbage can... but they are all colourful and fun! THEN I started reading the descriptions. The first one was from Ikea and was a simple wire basket for only $8. Ok not bad for something you put your garbage in.. but wire basket for $8.. nah not for me... The second one was the metal can.... not my style. Then the 3rd one is another wire basket... again not my style. THEN we get to #4 (the green and white one in the top right) which I was like WOW I LIKE THIS so I continue reading... it is from Worlds Away and imagine my surprise and complete shock when I read that it was $140!!!!!! SERIOUSLY????

Its a can/paper basket where you throw your garbage and its $140!!!! Instantly I stopped reading and just looked at the pictures because I didn't want to know how much the rest of them were! Then slightly disappointed and thinking I would just keep our ugly leopard garbage can I put the magazine away and went to make myself a snack... WELL on the way I was putting something into my desk and found this green paper I had bought months ago and never used. Instantly my snack plans went out the window and out came the Mod Podge and ribbon and away I went my project. I grabbed the plastic leopard garbage can and covered it in glue, using a sponge I smoothed out the glue and put my green paper over top of the leopard. It instantly started to look better. Then once the green paper was on it still looked blah so I grabbed some brown ribbon and added it to the top. And voila instant garbage can makeover! The green isn't showing up too well BUT believe me its a pale swirly green.

With that done I felt much better about not spending money on a new garbage can because lets be honest... its a garbage can!!! Mind you I shouldn't say too much.. our bathroom garbage can (which matches the whole bathroom... towels, tooth brush holder, soap dispenser, shower curtain) cost a pretty penny BUT that was a splurge. Anyway, I opened up my magazine again and went back and realized I really like garbage can #6 which is an eco-friendly garbage can made from recycled paper wrapped into a garbage can. Now about a year ago I started making coasters from all of my magazines that I didn't want anymore (instead of throwing out the magazines I reused the paper from them). The coasters look GREAT and you can specify which colours you want by using pages from the magazine that are that specific colour. I have made a few friends the coasters now to match their apartments. SO making a garbage can... hmmm can you hear yet another project coming along??? This specific garbage can in the magazine is Shiraleah wastebasket which you can purchase here for $30. OR if you have some time you can grab all of those old magazines, rip out the pages you want, fold the pages (fold the page in half and unfold, then fold the edges into the middle, repeat folding both sides into the middle until the paper is the thickness you want, and start to swirl the paper into a spiral, gluing the ends... very easy yet time consuming). I have also seen these made out of newspaper at The Bay where they have baskets as well BUT they are pricey.... and as everyone knows I refuse to pay for something if I'm able to make it!! SOOOO stay tuned for my recycled garbage can!!!!

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