Thursday, May 27, 2010


OH HERE SHE IS!!! Isn't she a beauty!!
We have been waiting 3 whole months for this baby to arrive and she finally arrived today!!! I was so excited I just had to show you!!!

We bought her at Bad Boy... word of advice... NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BAD BOY!!! We bought it because we were looking for a sectional that would fit our room... which is VERY hard to find because it is a small room PLUS the way we wanted the sectional they don't make very many that way... Most of them have the chaise as the short end and that would mean we would have a chaise pointing at the wall to our spare room. And that just doesn't work! SO we were VERY excited when we found this couch especially because it is 4 pieces AND if we move in the future and need it to go on a different angle we can completely do that!! VERY VERSATILE!!! (sorry can you tell I'm incredibly excited.... I tend to use a lot of exclamation marks and capitals when excited). Anyway the price was amazing for our couch so we bought it! THEN we waited.. and waited and waited some more.. originally our couch was supposed to be delivered 4 weeks from the date of purchase.... SO we sold our old couch... yes that is right.. stupid us! SO we just had a love seat in our living room. Then we called 6 weeks after buying wondering where our couch was.... and low and behold it wasn't coming for another 2 weeks... OK not a big deal. BUT we had company coming and we needed more sitting room in our living room. SO up came the futon mattress to be rested against the walls and used as a low couch... NOW our house was looking like student residence!! It was GHETTO!!! BUT hey it was only supposed to be 2 weeks right! WELL 2 weeks turned into 6 weeks! NOT FUN!!! BUT finally this week it was in and being delivered! I was so excited this morning that I have been up since 6am waiting!!!!! Just to show you our ghetto student residence looking living room before I took a picture last night after our love seat was moved downstairs and it was just the futon mattress leaning against the wall... this is how we relaxed last night! (ignore the mess.. I figured there was no point in cleaning up for the picture if I'm proving how ghetto it was!!)

And here is Ryan chilling out in his pj's!

Lets show that wonderful after picture again!!!!

Now some of you may be going.. WOW that is one big couch!!! That's exactly what I did when it came..(we had to take it in through the window because its so huge!) And yes technically we probably should have gotten a smaller couch because we have a smaller living room. BUT then we would have to go back to the 2 love seats in the living room which yes it looks nice BUT is NOT COMFORTABLE to lie down and watch TV. SO we got the big honking couch and I LOVE IT!!! In our next house we will be able to bring this baby along and it will be great (not that we have ANY intention of moving anytime soon).

ANYWAY, with that said we have discovered a few of our side tables won't be working anymore with the big couch. Instead of buying new ones I took a peak around the house to see what we had lying around and came across this fold out table that was Ryan's grandpas. (if you look at the photo of our new couch you can see it strategically positioned on the right side of the picture by the door).

Now Ryan is making fun of me because I tried to throw this table away 4 or 5 times and each time it magically reappeared inside the house.... (Ryan won't let me throw anything away...) BUT I'm super glad he saved it from my purging because it is going to make a GREAT side table! The plan for this table is to paint it a nice white (same as the baseboards and trim in our living room). I figure with a big dark couch I should keep the side tables light and airy so as to not overpower the room in darkness. (as I typed that all I could hear in my head was "Luke I am your father" from Star Wars... Oh I'm a nerd!).

ANYWAY, then I plan on using the same material as the curtains (to read how the curtains were made go here) and MOD PODGING the material to the top to add a little extra zing. I told Ryan my idea and he just laughed at me because he knows how much I LOVE to Mod Podge!! Here is the material below in case you forgot! SO it will be a cute little white table with a stripped colourful top to it. If you don't totally understand what I'm doing you can go here to check out what the people over at Mod Podge Rocks did with their table.

NOW I just have to find another table to use as the side table on the other side. We currently have a nice wood side table/magazine rack but it is too big. I want something smaller!! I have a few other tables in the house that may work out. I will update you on my progress when I can!!

Just because I'm so excited about it.. here is Ryan on our new couch!!!

(To view our living room renovations go here and here)

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