Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love it Tuesdays - Lamp Shades

After browsing through the internet the other day I came across a few lamp shades that I just LOVE but would never pay an arm and a leg for because they are soooo easy to make myself!!! I'm not sure what it is lately but I'm loving lamp shades and all of the fun things you can do with them to make them bright and not boring and white!!

First I came across these paper cut night lights while browsing At Home with Kim Vallee's blog. They are only $25USD from an Etsy store Fog and Thistle however as you can see the store isn't selling them anymore. BUT they are VERY easy to make... take a normal night light, grab some material (non flammable preferably) and some wire and make a half a lamp shade, then using mod podge add the animal or print to the front! I'll test this out one day and let you know how it goes!! You could also just buy a lamp shade and cut it in half then finish off the cut edges with ribbon so it doesn't look uneven!

Then I came across this lamp shade that is VERY cute for a kids room. I found it while I was looking at the night light lamp shades at At Home with Kim Vallee's blog. It is from Lad and Lass an Etsy store and sells for $198USD.. this is for the entire pendant light. Now I know $200 isn't a lot for a light but this would be SOOO easy to make! You can buy the pendant light fixture (minus the shade) and cut out the animals and letters and attach them to a simple shade for a fraction of the price!

While browsing Design Sponge I came across this lamp shade that was made by adding felt to an existing lamp shade. I love how it looks! It just takes a bland lamp shade and gives it shape and an extra WOW factor!!

On Addicted 2 Decorating they made this fun pendant light out of colourful drinking straws! This would look great in a childs colourful bedroom! I'm not sure how it would look when it is dark... or how much light it would bring off though.

Now I have 2 light projects I want to work on sometime in the future, one for my kitchen (I have a big kitchen project (on a VERY little budget) in the works and plan to reveal that plan in the next week or so) as well as one for our third bedroom. The kitchen light I want to try to make something like this. But I plan on making it blue, yellow and white (if I can find the materials I need) It will be closer to this light.
The second light I am going to attempt it a pendant light and the shade will be made out of ribbon. I haven't been able to find a picture of what I have in mind so I can't show you. But it will be similar to the shell light above but with ribbon dangling down instead of shells. It is going to be VERY colourful! When I start that project I will post my progress!!


  1. these are super cute Meghan!

  2. I like the giraffe one! The shell one, I used to have in my old bedroom, and it was so nice. When the window was open it'd make a nice beachy sound like a subtle windchime!